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actualization: the process of becoming sentient, perceiving the human condition for what it is, and achieving free will.
angels: get your gear.
alchemy: mastering the craft of magick. was newton a Fool?
alchemy hard mode: stormquake for birthday.
aleister: plays in the rain with bt3gl.
algorithms: learn 'em to break 'em.
alluring: a word we love.
ambiguity: freedom.
aster: magickian.
astrology: a set of directives that can be described by group theory (a subfield of abstract algebra) on which a player starts as the Fool.


banksy: magickian.
bava: magickian.
barcelona: stimulus locus.
bergman: magickian.
berlin: stoic locus.
bowie: magickian.
burton: magickian.
bukowski: old dirty man; also, magickian.
bullies: you are on the wrong side of history, pal. also, our demons are coming for ya.


candor: you are not an NPC.
choices: play the game.
chomsky: magickian.
code: == law.
confirmation bias: letting your will Fool you.
crowley: ozzy's pal.
cypherpunks: we already live in the future; so what do you do now?


defi: tools for self-sovereignty.
del toro: magickian.
demons: get your gear.
dubai: cypherpunk locus.
dying: we don't die, we bend reality.


eclipses: just planetary shadow; also, can you handle the power?
ethereal: a word we love.
ego: anything outside this vero instant.
888: gratitude for helping with our plan.


fellini: magickian.
fincher: magickian.
followers: random untamed energy onto the player.
4444: you are strong enough to be gentle.
free will: a higher state to be attained, where one has achieved self-realization and is independent of others' will.
5050: to be or not be, dr. faust?


gaiman: magickian.
game theory: "what the game is, defines what the players do."
gatekeepers: we are coming for ya.
godspeed you! black emperor: magickians.


hawaii: tutu pele and kanaloa's charging locus for humans.
hillaryquake: happy solar return, kings and queens.
hitchcock: magickian.
huxley: magickian.


jerusalem: crypto + magick locus.
jung: magickian.


karma: 1 + 1 = 2; 1 - 1 = 0.
kabbalah: the player is getting closer.
keanu: magickian.
kubrick: magickian.
kurosawa: magickian.


lee: magickian.
leone: magickian.
liars: our demons are coming for ya.
life: you only win if you play.
los angeles: where we, pseudo-artists, go for glory; also an intense energy battleground locus.
lynch: magickian.


magick: "i master magick, i master free will".
midsumm3r: magick renaissance.


nicks: a supreme.
new york: positive neurosis locus.
nietzsche: magickian.


paramahansa yogananda: first-degree magickian.
planck: magickian.
players: everything is intentional.
polanski: magickian.
praga: alchemy locus.


quintessential: a word we love.


reality: a human construct.
reality hard mode: you only win if you play.
redemption: the ultimate meaning; the destination of any story; the only possible climax.
reputation: you are nothing; why would this be a concern?
ritchie: magickian.
romero: magickian.


sartre: magickian.
scorsese: magickian.
serendipitous: a word we love.
self-sovereignty: players are the protagonists of their life(s). no player is allowed to treat another player like meat under the premise that they hold some (usually unearned) privilege.
seven: find.
simulation: welcome and enjoy your stay.
silvana: a supreme.
shyamalan: magickian.
subversion: our favorite word; also, no, you won't see it coming.
steganography: can you see the hidden picture?
synchronicity: a jungian explanation for coincidences; also, magick reverberation.


tarantino: magickian.
tarkovsky: magickian.
tarot: a self-realization tool; part of an artist's and/or magickian's toolkit.
time: a human construct.
timeless: a word we love (and others seem to love too).
the fool: respect the beginner's mindset.
trustless: only trust your own reason and intuition.
three: (achieving || attaining) בִּינָה.
36s: us.


ursula k le guin: a supreme.
unkind humans: our demons are coming for ya.


vaporware: pretending instead of creating.
venice: magi loci.


wachowskis: magickian.
whimsical: a word we love.
will: a human's desire to change an outcome; also the highest power source in the game.
winning: first you need to lose all.
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